mercoledì 17 gennaio 2007

Moore News: Portrait & Technology

My friend Gary Spencer Millidge has informed me that our Alan Moore: Portrait of An Extraordinary Gentleman has sold out of its second printing!
So this is the end of a great adventure started in 2002. And we are all so proud of it!

All details at Gary's site and some more at his new blog.

The Bearded One is a... Luddite. ;)
From http://www.wzzm13. com/news/ local/grmetro_ article.aspx? storyid=68373
Alan Moore, 53, a writer in Northampton, England, has no e-mail, no Web access, no cellphone. His PC is a "glorified typewriter." He knows all about blogs and Google and MySpace; an imposter even put up a MySpace page in his name. He understands the convenience of cellphones and knows that people can have hundreds of channels on their TVs rather than his few broadcast ones. Despite this, "I don't think I'm missing out."
Instead of Googling every question, he refers to books. Instead of toting a cellphone on a walk, he just walks.
"Not being able to be phoned when I'm out: that is blissful," he says.

"We live in a culture where we are completely swamped with information. It's like some invisible fluid. I try to control the flow of information through my life."

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Sara' un pazzo, ma ha ragione lui.
I cellulari sono un cancro della societa'...