mercoledì 23 luglio 2008

ipse dixit [12]

Interview excerpt from EW. Read the complete one HERE.

San Diego Comic-Con is approaching. Have you ever attended it?
No...well, I mean, I stopped going in the late '80s. I just thought, I don't really want to do this anymore, and I don't really see why I am doing it. I did find it a bit overwhelming and creepy.

Well, you're a god there.
And this is the last way that I want to be treated. The reason that I live in Northampton is because everyone here is kind of used to me. I mean, yeah, I do get a gratifying smattering of people coming up to me in the street and thanking me for me work, and shaking me hand and just wanting to wish me well.

Although if you shaved your beard and cut your hair — no one would recognize you!
No one would recognize me.

Would you ever do that?
No, just the laziness that has enabled my beard to get to this length is not a habit that I'm going to shake now.

But it would be your greatest act of magic: ''Where did Alan Moore go!?''
Well, I saw the possibility, of course. I've always got this option. So should I need to disappear, then, if you see a sort of bald guy with a really bad shaving rash going around somewhere, then that will probably be me, yeah.

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