giovedì 12 ottobre 2006

British Men

Il libro su Watchmen sembra avviato sulla dirittura d'arrivo. Ultimo sforzo... e dita incrociate!
Nel seguito potete leggere 2 estratti: dall'introduzione del grande Michael Moorcock (nella foto sopra insieme al Mago) e dalla post-fazione del gentleman Mike Carey, entrambe scritte appositamente per l'occasione. Enjoy!

From Michael Moorcock's introduction:
Plenty has been written about Moore’s narrative innovations and they have been widely imitated. However, few of his imitators, it seems to me, ever fully understood the nature of Moore’s technical solutions which derived not from a desire for novelty but a desire to tell a more complex story, to get across his ideas. As a result, we have witnessed him creating method after method to distance himself from those he has influenced, who have, in my opinion, largely devalued his techniques, taking the surface of what he did and turning it into narrative clichés no longer responding to the demands of what, in Moore’s case, is a complex and often profound meditation on the fundamental issues of our times. Yet he remains always a fine, old-fashioned story teller. He keeps you turning the pages. Only when you come back to something like Watchmen do you realise just how original Moore was and is.

From Mike Carey's after-word:
Watchmen isn’t the sort of book that opens with a key, and turns out to have been talking about one particular thing all along, under the light disguises of fantasy. It resonates on every level, from the psychological to the mythic by way of the political. It has meanings but no morals. It refuses consolation both to the new frontiersman Rorschach and the utopian dreamer Ozymandias.

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Mirko ha detto...

Mah! Sbaglierò ma sti' tipi li ho già visti... specialmente quello a destra!
Mah sti extraordinary uomini dalla barba lunga....

Antonio ha detto...

Quello di destra ha dimenticato il senso dell'eleganza a casa. La fashion police li dovrebbe arrestare tutti e due...